Time is ticking down to graduation.  It’s almost 1 month away!  Can you believe it?  Well for all of you procrastinators out there, if you haven’t had your senior photos taken now is your chance.  I’m offering a Friends session for the next two weeks until April 29th.

So call to book your session, bring your friend with you and their session is free.

This is only for two weeks so call today.  417-894-0230

July 4th is tomorrow!!!!!!

Ok, everyone….we are participating in this years Parade!  You are welcome to use our intersection to stand and watch the parade go by, and when you see us make sure you yell and scream!  The louder you yell, the more candy I’ll have our Models hand out!  We will be having our 2011 Senior Models accompany us in the parade handing out candy to the good girls and boys!  So be there or be square!

Couldn’t resist

I found another image that I had to share from.  It was just too beautiful and I wanted everyone to see it.


Thanksgiving Week….I’m Thankful for Seniors

This week is a great time to give thanks for the things you have!  Well, I’m thankful for the job I have and the work that I love.  One of those passions is photographing Seniors!!!

So this week while I’m celebrating the Holiday’s with family in Texas.  I’ll be sharing some images from the Senior Class of 2010!


Willard Tigerettes

Just wanted to share an image of the Tigerettes.  Their coach had a great location this year and the girls loved it!  I think it turned out great!


Kids Are The Greatest

What a fun family that came to the studio a few months ago.  Their kids were the greatest and we were able to get some wonderful images that I’ll be sure to share with you later this week.  But today to start out our Monday I wanted to share one on a lighter note.  Just looking at this makes me laugh and appreciate all the smiles that kids cause!


Another of Kylie

Just wanted to share another image of Kylie.  What beautiful and cool weather we had that day.  We were able to shoot all the way until it turned dark.


Colorado Kylie

I was fortunate enough to be in Colorado a few weeks ago.  While there I was able to photograph two families and two seniors.  Kylie was one of those seniors.  Full of energy and always happy she was a lot of fun to photograph.


Saturday Saturday Saturday

Welcome to your Saturday.  I hope your weekend turns out as great as it should.  I’m ending a very late Friday night right now and am looking forward to photographing a wedding this afternoon.  I think the weather will turn out great for us and I’ll be sure to share some of the photos later on.

Today I wanted to share just a photo from a session a couple of weeks ago in Colorado and remind everyone that the time is at hand to have your family photos taken.  The weather is beautiful, the leaves are still on the trees and it’s a perfect time to beat the rush for Christmas photos.


Become A Fan

Over halfway through September.

I never thought that time would pass as quickly as it passes for me now.  Just yesterday it was a new year with a whole year ahead of me to improve myself and get my office organized.  Now it’s September 17th and Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas are around the corner!

So, my point to all this?  Don’t procrastinate…you might not get a second chance!

Also, I wanted to share another photo of Kaitlyn with you.  She had a hard time deciding which photo was her favorite but it was between the one I posted yesterday and the one I’m sharing now.  I like both images a lot and it is hard for me to pick, but if I did have to pick……..well, you be the judge.